Abortion is a procedure that is performed to end a pregnancy. Deciding to have an abortion is a very personal decision. Any woman considering abortion should understand the risks of the abortion procedure, as well as the alternatives to abortion, including parenting and adoption.

At Mary’s Choices, we have nurses and doctors available to help you understand all the medical facts you need to know so you can make an informed decision.

If you are considering abortion as an option, here are some questions you might have:

Am I really pregnant?

Have I had an ultrasound to be sure I have a normal, uterine pregnancy?

Am I at risk for a tubal pregnancy requiring immediate medical attention?

How far along am I?

Do I need to consider any short-term and long-term risks of the abortion procedure?

What kind of abortions are available to me?

Do I know my legal rights with abortion providers?

When do I have to decide?

Am I being pressured?

Who else should I involve in my decision?

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